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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Well, now--

I have just e-mailed my first initial rough estimate of possible cost for all this garbage to my boss, which should buy me several days worth of grace until he actually sees I have sent something to his inbox, and comes and asks me to print it out for him.

Just gotta love that there technology.

But, I'm still not quite free yet--I still have to get the meeting minutes done from last week. Thankfully, I have until April 7 to get them finished. And no, I dare not procrastinate until the 6th the way I do in my private life.

STILL, there should be a gentle shower of possumy goodness again here in the coming hours. BUT ONLY AFTER I go have lunch and swap car magazines with My Friend JeffTM!

Yes, it's that time again--actually a couple of months past time, but that's neither here nor there. Lunch today will be at the ever-reliably greasy Anchorage Restaurant over in the seedy/snooty section of Homewood, so all of you who didn't go to the last of my publicly advertised luncheons--DON'T GO TO THIS ONE! Jeff, like the rest of my circle of acquaintances and family, does not need to know of my dirty little blogging hobby.

Now then--a couple of things that didn't get said yesterday: I saw Cameron Diaz on the Tonight Show the other night. I never realized she was as stupid as bundle of axe handles, but she is. Oldest DID enjoy her Bible birthday present. It's one of the Nelson study Bibles, and has all kinds of notes and maps and stuff. I like it, too, although the pages are a bit wispy for my big fumble fingers. The play's NOT the thing--as you all recall, a certain teen in our house was all hepped up about playing Meg (not short for "megabyte," by the way) in a local production of Little Women. At rehearsal last night, the director, whom I have compared to my fictional creation of college theater major Cay Wooshley, developed a severe case of the snits, and called off the whole thing. Which is probably a good thing, considering how much stuff Ashley has to do for school. She wasn't too upset, and neither was Grandmom, who had already started making her (time period inappropriate, but insisted upon by the director) costume. Luckily, she hadn't made the whole thing.

ANYWAY, I gotta get our of here and go see MFJ, so I'll be back in a bit with some more drivel!

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