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Friday, March 18, 2005

Time to hit the road.


I have no idea what I'm supposed to do this weekend, i.e., no one has seen fit to inform me yet. Somehow, I doubt that state of affairs will last very long. I would like a nap something terrible, though. I had to stay up last night (after a two hour meeting at church) helping Rebecca type up some stuff on the liver for her science project. That's due today. I hope her teacher doesn't take off too many points for that bit about the chianti and fava beans.

Then Oldest was trying to finish her math (after her two hour play rehearsal)--she's doing trig now, which I was always pretty good at, but much less so at midnight:30. It's still the simple stuff, so my advice to her was to look at the example and follow that. This advice was not well received.

I really need to set back in again and get the yard fixed. Everyone was out last weekend with lawnmowers, and it's supposed to be bright and pretty tomorrow. Maybe I'll work up enough ambition to get out there and see what all I have to do. Or not.

And Sunday, church, and our usual monthly trip across the county to see people, which is never really all that fun for me. Which might explain why I always manage to fall asleep.

And then, there'll be MONDAY! So, all of you come back then, and let's see if I managed to avoid any substantive progress.

Have a great weekend!

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