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Thursday, March 03, 2005



Well, we’ve covered every conceivable topic known to humankind (except for the ones that might cause unease). So, let’s cause some unease, shall we?

#1--What three commonly served food items cause you to become nauseated when you smell them? (The “commonly served” will be judged loosely to allow for regional specialties that cause you unease that might not be available in other parts of the world.)

#2--What three non-cable, non-satellite television shows can you just not stand to watch? (If they make you nauseated, even better.)

#3--What three things are you immune to that seem to make other people ill?

AS WE ALL REMEMBER, the contest (such as it is) is open to all people, including those people in countries where they eat things like eyeballs. Either leave a comment in the comments below or a link to your blog--and remember, if you are filling in your URL in the comments, be sure to put http:// before your site address.

NOW THEN, for my answers:

#1--Chitlins. You would think boiling pig intestines would smell better, but they don’t. Boiling peanuts. They smell a lot like chitlins. Collard greens. I love collards, but they smell horrible when they’re cooking. Something like chitlins.

#2--Fear Factor. I watched the first season, but after that it became less of a physical challenge than simply a gross-out fest. Just about anything on WB/UPN--any of the teen ensemble shows make me retch. And just about any of the reality shows, although Simple Life is probably the worst of the lot.

#3--Various child effluvia. Years of exposure has inured me to the effects of various leakages from them, to the point where they can react with whatever vile symptom they wish, and after it’s all been cleaned up, I can turn around and have supper without really thinking too much about it. I really like potted meat, and Spam, and Vienna sausages, even though I know what’s in them. (Spam’s actually a far superior product, but it's gotten a bad rap. I blame the gelatinous slime on it.) I can't think of anything else, other than blogging.

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