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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Sailing, sailing, over the bounding main!

AHOY, there, matey! As you all know, it’s THURSDAY, which can only mean ONE thing--The Axis of Weevil Thursday Three--Naughty Gal Edition!


AND as I requested yesterday, these questions come to us courtesy of our readership, specifically Miss Sarah over at Life at Full Volume, who writes:

In honor of the term "the vast ocean of Possumblog readers" I propose a nautical (but not necessarily naughty gal) themed Thursday Three.

1.) Have you traveled anywhere by boat (across a pond or around the ocean)?

2.) Have you ever owned a boat?

3.) If you were to take a boat trip and had unlimited funds and no motion sickness, where would you go, who would you take and what kind of boat would you go on?

Bonus question: What food stuffs would you want if you were marooned.

Sarah G.

Thank you, Sarah, for your fine contribution to the events of the day. As you all remember, anyone may play along--just leave your answers in the comments below, or leave a link to your blog. (REMEMBER--please put http:// before your URL so that stupid Haloscan will pick it up and work right.)

As a special gift to Sarah for her fine contribution, she will receive an extra gill of grog and a pound of salted beef in her ration!

NOW THEN, as for my answers--

#1) Yes, my dad and I had some boats when I was growing up, and we all used to spend a good bit of time tearing up the various rivers and lakes around here. And then later when I was in college, our Study Abroad group traveled by ferry from England to Hoek van Holland, and then at the end of the trip from Brindisi to Piraeus, and my family and I have taken the Mobile Bay ferry between Fort Morgan and Fort Gaines.

#2) Not personally, but as I said, my dad and I had several speedboats.

#3) This might sound kinda weird, but I have always wanted my own 44ft Motor Life Boat,or maybe an YTL-type harbor tug, and I’d like to make the entire Intracoastal Waterway route. And I’d take Miss Reba, of course.

#4) If I were marooned, I would hope I had a good supply of MREs. I realize that’s not a very appealing sounding food, but if I was really marooned, I’d want something that was non-perishable, relatively flavorful, that did not have to be cooked, etc. If I was marooned on Fantasy Island, I suppose I’d like for there to be a really nice restaurant, maybe like Sonic.

So there you go.

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