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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Lunch was very nice, although I was admittedly a few minutes late. Due to stupid STUPID Blogger. Anyway, we got the booth by the front window and proceeded to order. Which brought about the first epiphany of the afternoon.

They’ve gone up on their prices. Now, I like food, but nine bucks and some change for a bacon cheeseburger and fries and a canned Diet Coke (that cost $1..49!) is pushing things a bit. As is paying that much and receiving the added benefit of friendly, yet entirely lackadaisical service. So, it looks like yet another establishment goes by the Magazine Swapping and Lunch Eating wayside.

Topics of discussion today included: work; Mutual Friend JohnTM; why buy a Toyota Avalon!?; budgeting; house building; plumbers; moving; children; wives; messiness; messy wives; Disneyworld; Wendy’s chili; stupid people; “stupid” people; mustard on my tie; Chap-Stick (Uh, you can keep that now. Oh, no thanks.); the new hit NBC show The Office, which is based on the Brit sitcom of the same name, and both of which are shameless ripped off from our mid-90s treatment for a show set in a suburban office building to be called Two East; pigeons; expensive hotel room service food ($38 a pound for mixed nuts--the next time anyone complains about the cost of aspirin on your hospital bill, try finding out how much it would cost to have it brought to your room by room service in a hotel! And it’s always delivered by some sullen Filipino kid in a baggy polyester outfit, rather than a buxom nurse in crisp starched whites, her firm legs swathed in whi…ahem. Never mind.); learning to drive; first cars; cars used to be pretty crappy; uncomfortable moments at the register--then a furtive dash out the back door to the parking lot, where we continued with; the Saga of Flighty Theater Man; Porsches; his sister; OOOOH car magazines!; and that’s about it.

Never a dull moment!

Okay, that’s a lie.

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