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Thursday, March 31, 2005

It’s the Yin-Yang Version of the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three!

As suggested by Jim Smith, some “eternal questions that seem to divide people on an either/or basis.” Remember that the AoW Thursday Three is open to all persons, although we do ask that you be careful when you come in the door and not let all the chi out, because it ruins the groovy feng shui of the place.

Having thus now expended the sum of my knowledge of Far Eastern mysticism, we ask you to state a preference in the following categories--either leave your answers in the comments, or answer them on your own blog and leave a link so that we may all come and meditate upon them.

Some might notice this is not strictly a Three-themed thing. You are urged not to let this hinder you.



1. Dunkin’ or Krispy Kreme
2. Cheese curls or cheese puffs
3. Chocolate or vanilla

CATEGORY 2--TV People:

1. Ginger or Mary Ann
2. Crockett or Tubbs
3. Barney or Warren

CATEGORY 3--Potpourri:

1. 9mm or .45
2. Pro football or college football
3. Boxers or briefs/thong or granny panties
4. Electric or blade
5. Paper or plastic
6. Dark socks and sandals at the beach or barefooted
7. Wal-mart or K-mart
8. Dog or cat
9. LP or CD

SO, there you are--answer as many or as few as you wish, but do be sure and let everyone know.

As for my answers:


2. Cheese curls. Anything else is a Nazi/Commie plot.

CATEGORY 2--TV People:

1. Mary Ann. I never understood the allure of the Ginger character. She seemed shallow and vacuous, even if she did have some curves on her. Mary Ann, though--Rrrowll.

3. Barney. I mean, COME ON! Jack Burns is a kinda funny guy, but the Warren character was just another example of the rot that set in on the Andy Griffith Show that culminated in the addition of Howard Sprague, the switch to color, and the decision to strap stroke-suffering Floyd into the barber chair.

CATEGORY 3--Potpourri:

1. .45 But, actually, it depends on what the intended use is. If I never intended to use it, the 9mm would be just fine.
2. College football, but it’s getting to be less and less appealing. Too much like the pros.
3. Thong.
4. Electric, but only because it’s quicker, and I can do other things while shaving, such as read or sit on the pot. If I have the time, there’s nothing that beats a shave in the shower with a good, fresh, twin (or more) blade. (By the way, this topic has nothing to do with Doc Glenn’s recent foray into razor blogging.)
5. Paper, although it’s getting harder and harder to find. But you can use paper bags for other things, and they stand up by themselves.
6. Barefooted. I’d rather it be as plain as possible that I’m not a Yankee.
7. Wal-mart. Everyone should know this by now.
8. Walruses. Dogs are too loveable, cats are too easily trained.
9. CD. I’ve got boxes of old vinyl, and even have a turntable (“Daddy, is this the thing you play those big black CDs on?”) but my ears are not so sensitive, and I can’t hear all the various bits and pieces of analog loveliness that all the sophisticated aurophiles can hear. I can, however, hear all the hisses and pops and skips.

ANYway, there you go.

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