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Monday, March 21, 2005

I have been a bad person.

How else to explain a three-hour stint in an ash-strewn Purgatory?!

After staff meeting (in which I made several doodles that I will post sometime in the future) we started our quest. North- and southbound up and down both 19th and 20th Streets, starting at 9th Avenue, North and extending to 14th Street, South. The equivalent of 25 blocks each way, done four times--100 block faces total, driven at a crawl, with all the windows open in an effort to keep from being choked to death, while trying to make hurried notes on a pad of paper about the condition of various tree pits, sidewalk benches, trash receptacles, light fixtures, brick pavers, concrete paving, signal boxes, sidewalk vaults, handicapped ramps, manhole covers, sewer covers, meter covers, &c., &c., REMEMBERING, if you will, that one of the primary reasons I write this silly blog is that I don't have any coworkers whith whom I'd just love to sit down and have a three-hour chat.

Nor, for that matter, share a car with for three hours.

I'm going to eat lunch now.

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