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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

How could I forget the visit by the Tooth Fairy!?

After everyone was down for bed last night, I started prowling around Boy’s room to see where he had put the little tooth-shaped pillow that held the envelope with his four teeth so that the Tooth Fairy would know where to leave his money.

The little rat (Jonathan, not the Tooth Fairy) had hidden it! I looked (as best I could in pitch darkness) on his dresser, his desk, his chairs, his bed, his floor, his bookcases, his closet, his bed, his pillow, his dresser, his floor, his chest of drawers, his desk, his chair, his pillow. GRR! I went back and got my flashlight and tried to keep my thumb over the light so it wouldn’t startle him, but again, no luck.

Time to improvise. I took the little cloth stuffed elf named Holbrook that Jonathan had gotten a couple of Christmases ago and shoved the four rolled-up dollar bills into his belt (and yes, I think I would have been more comfortable has this been a girl elf, what with sticking dollar bills under a belt and all, but I digress) and then positioned said elf at the foot of the bed.

This morning, Jonathan hopped right up out of bed and ran to the door of his room and dug out the tooth pillow from between two pairs of pants hanging on his doorknob. THE LITTLE SNEAK! I quickly diverted his attention by pointing to Holbrook sitting on the foot of the bed, and Jonathan was quite confused that the Tooth Fairy had left the teeth, and that Holbrook had the money.

“HEY! You know what? I bet the Tooth Fairy left the teeth because they were so BIG and had such ginormous ROOTS on them!”

“But, only two of them had roots, Dad.”

Touché, Boy.

Think fast--“Uh, well, I guess she figured they were a set--anyway, WHAT’S HOLBROOK DOING WITH YOUR MONEY!?”

“I don’t know--he was in the floor last night and…”

“I bet he got up there and got that money and was trying to bring it to you!”

Jonathan gave the stuffed elf an exasperated sideways glance--“Holbrooooook! You know better than that!”

Indeed so. Little imp.

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