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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Commercial Leaves Kids Too Scared to Watch TV

LONDON (Reuters) - A Marmite commercial that parodied 1950's science fiction film "The Blob" has been banned from all children's' programs in Britain after leaving kids too scared to watch television, the advertising watchdog said.

Two Marmite adverts featured a giant brown blob rolling along a crowded street, terrifying some people who tried to flee while others ran toward it with delight.

The ad ended with Marmite's slogan: "You either love it or hate it."

Six people complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that their toddlers had been terrified by the adverts, with four refusing to watch television after seeing them and two suffering nightmares.

Unilever Bestfoods, makers of the dark brown savory spread, argued against imposing a tougher "ex-kids restriction" as broadcasters were likely not to show it during general programs such as "Pop Idol," which attracted younger viewers.

But the ASA said the complaints were strong enough to ban the advert from all children's programming.

"We accepted that the advertisements' effect on young children would have been hard to anticipate," it added. "However, it was clear from the complaints we received that they had caused distress to very young children."

Too frightened to watch the telly, BUT NOT TOO FRIGHTENED TO EAT MARMITE!?

For those who do not know the product, Marmite is a yeasty by-product of the brewing process, often used as a spread for bread. Its rich, flavorful goodness is valued by people who appreciate its salty tang above even that of burnt rubber.

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