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Thursday, March 24, 2005

BUT, before I get to work--

I was in the bathroom shaving this morning when I noticed Reba had dumped all the advertising inserts into the wastebasket that had come with her most recent shipment of pantyhose from Silkies. They're usually not nearly so interesting as the Victoria's Secret catalog; you know you're in trouble when an article of clothing is on a young skinny model and it STILL looks like a tent your grandma would wear.

Anyway, what really caught my eye were these--described as "Tulip Rose Pantyhose," but to my eye they look more like "Scalded By Spattering Hot Grease." Maybe it's just a poor quality photo, but the detail looks so subtle that the idea this is supposed to be flowers is lost on my eyes, and all I can see is something that looks like a horrible rash all over the model's legs.


It does remind me somewhat of when we went to Venice many years ago and some woman and her husband got off the water taxi we arrived in, and she had on a pair of white capri pants, and what I thought were some kind of lace-pattern sheer white hose.


They were just plain sheer white hose. The "lace" pattern I thought I was seeing was caused by the matted black hair of her legs.

Anyway, back to work all of you!

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