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Thursday, February 24, 2005

You’ve been begging for it!

And now, since it’s Thursday, it’s time for Lloyd Fleel’s Marvelous Collection of Everyday Objects!

As part of our effort to bring high culture to wide audience, TODAY ONLY we will be hosting an exhibit from Fleel’s Marvelous Collection, including such wonders as….a 4 inch black plastic pocket comb! A 3 inch by 5 inch lined index card! A 1 1/2 volt AA Rayovac battery! And a yellow plastic paper clip! All this--FOR FREE!


Well, actually, it is.

Unless you count the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three, but that’s not really as big of a deal. But, for those who want to do that, too, please step this way.

As you all are no doubt aware by now, the Thursday Three consists of three probing, insightful questions, which are carefully researched before being discarded in favor of three other questions. The intent is to provide those who dabble in the online journal-writing arts a quick and easy way to add several inches of filler to their weblogs.

FOR TODAY’S QUESTIONS, we turn to well-known kudzu farmer Larry Anderson, who several weeks ago sent in a series of questions regarding things automotive. Despite the fact that I seem to recall having already asked questions in the past regarding things automotive, I’m sure it was nothing more than some weird fantasy, so please fire away at the following:

1) What is the strangest car you have ever owned?

2) What is the worst car you ever owned?

3) How many wrecks have you been in?

4) SPECIAL BONUS QUESTION! Recall for us your most memorable drive-in experience.

Please feel free to leave your answers in the comments below, or leave a link to your blog--remember, anyone is welcome to play along, even if you’ve never actually owned a car.

NOW THEN, for my answers--1) I don’t think I’ve ever owned anything that could be considered unconventional or strange, although I did have a 1976 Vega station wagon. But so did many other suckers people.

2) I personally have never owned a really, really bad car. The Vega wasn’t the greatest thing in the world, but unlike every other Vega in the world, it didn’t burn oil. It ran okay, and was reasonably peppy and reliable. I have been lucky, I suppose, but have never had anything that I truly regretted owning, and more than a few that I felt a pang of remorse when I sold or traded them.

My mother had an ’86 Buick Riviera that was a steaming pile of crap, though.

3) Let’s see--#1 was in my Monte Carlo--slid off the road and hit a rock in a ditch; #2 was in my Vega, when I hit the door of some girl going the other way on 14th Street as I pulled out of a parking lot at UAB--she was over the centerline in the wrong lane, though, so it was chalked up on her insurance; #3 was in my dad’s Silverado--pulled out from behind a delivery van while driving south on I-65, and ran smack into the rear of a guy who had stopped on the Interstate to look for his hubcap; #4 was in my groovy 1982 Camaro--I was tooling north on I-65 when a VW Beetle performed an emergency lane change and hooked the left corner of his front bumper into the rear lip of the rear passenger side wheel well of the Camaro. Snatched the bumper clean off the front of the Bug, and left a squared notch in my wheel well. #5 was the worst--in my Nissan pickup down at Auburn, coming down the hill beside the Intramural Field when some moron in a beat up Malibu tried to make it across the road in front of me. I swerved around the front of his car, hit a curb, bounced up on two wheels, hit a traffic sign, traveled about a hundred feet, did a U-turn, and came to rest going the opposite way I had been going, with two blown-out tires on the passenger side, and a caved in rear quarter panel. Quite the wild ride.

4) No details will be provided, but it involved a carload of fresh-faced youngsters under the age of 18, at the old THC drive-in in Adamsville.

SO, there you go.

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