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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Yet more exciting, thrill-a-minute LIFE!!

Taking off here shortly to take Oldest for her dentist appointment. It was supposed to be Tuesday along with the rest of the squirrels, but she had an appointment to go have her innards scanned again to see how she's responded to her medication. Apparently, pretty well--no cysts this time. Although she is still complaining of some non-specific, shifting-location, lower abdominal pain. The doctor says she's almost certain now that it's irritable bowel syndrome--as good an excuse as any for Oldest's general irritability, I suppose.

They gave her some other stuff to take, but the biggest thing is her diet. More fiber. Which just kills her soul, because I have always been the one to buy stuff like whole-grain breads and such, and since I am the one who buys it, it's automatically suspect and yucky in her fervently contrarian mind. Eww, brown bread. Gross. Same thing with peas and beans and oatmeal and apples and all sorts of other stuff that she would otherwise probably gobble down, had it only been offered by someone--anyone--other than me.

Well, gee--she's just going to have to eat healthier now, isn't she. Or, if she refuses, then quit complaining. I call it a win-win for everyone.

AND ANYWAY, there's plenty of other irritability to go around. Reba's into the last part of her computer class, and it's Access, and she's never done anything with it before, and just exactly like every other part of the class she's taken, she's allowing herself to get all upset and flummoxed by even the simplest instructions. I've never really done anything with it, either, but the tutorial she has is mind-numbingly simple, and after about three minutes you can have a basic idea of what's going on.

I sure will be glad when this is class is over, because it puts a terrible dark mist over me whenever she starts in--dare I say--whining and complaining about it, and basically acting just like Ashley does when one of her teachers expects her to actually do something for herself. But, I can tell Ashley to hush, and to get to work, and to quit being a big fat baby, and that life's going to be like that even when she gets out of school, but such talk directed toward my better half would be, to say the least, counterproductive. So the internal monologue gets turned up really loud, which is probably not the best thing, because you never know when your mouth might start moving.

Oh well--not much longer. And now, off to the dentist. Again.

See you all tomorrow!

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