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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What a derned day.

And it's not over!

Got through with our meeting this morning quickly enough, then the moment I walked in the door here was told that Reba had called, which I figured must have been an emergency. Called her, "Check Engine" light on in the Focus, I go and swap vehicles with her, briefly doing an underhood diagnostic in the nursing home parking lot, found that there is indeed an engine under the hood, come back here, try to do some regulatory stuff, eat a bowl of soup, then go to the bunker for four straight hours of blowing into a mannequin and crushing its chest, which might be kinda interesting if the mannequins looked like Tara Reid, but they don't. THEN we got to play with the defibrillators, although we didn't get to actually shock people, but we did learn how to tell everyone to clear away, and then we have church tonight and I have to fill-in for Jonathan and Rebecca's teacher, which isn't so bad since I already teach them on Sunday, but I haven't had time to look at their lesson. THEN tomorrow, there's that whole deal with making sure there's a Thursday Three to play with, and then I have to go take some pictures of some place over in North Birmingham and put together a PowerPoint presentation for next week, AND sometime in there I have to go take the car to the dealership and see what the deal is with the "Check Engine" light.

I need a nap.

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