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Thursday, February 10, 2005

That didn't take too long.

Unlike some folks I work with around here, I have absolutely no interest in having anything other than slides with a white background, a picture, and a caption. I can do the elaborate junk, but after a while it gets to be real tedious.

Anyway, lovely North Birmingham, where this used to be what people thought was the height of good design, circa 1979. This long shot toward the east makes the area look not so bad--bright sunshine and lack of detail can do that. Upon closer examination, however, things look a bit more dreary. That canopy is plexiglas that was clear in the far distant past, and over the years has yellowed, and browned, and become nearly opaque. To make matters worse, the framework up under it is open--the perfect location for birds of all makes and models to set up light housekeeping (and crap on people coming out of the stores), as well as making for simple and handy vandal access.

At some indeterminate time in the future, we'll take out all the plex and put on a metal roof and a flat soffit up underneath the canopy, and change out all the parking lot light fixtures to this lovely contraption. "Mongoose." Get it? It's kinda like a cobrahead fixture, but apparently one that's able to attack a cobrahead, kill it, and eat it. Trust me, though, it's not MY choice. Someone else's baliwick, and they're welcome to it.

Anyway, back to work.

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