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Friday, February 04, 2005

Further Tales of Mardi Gras

Via the peripatetic Masked Observer, more startling revelations derived from his mailbag:

[...] Dear Observer: I thought I should inform you that Float 3 behavior may not be gender specific. Yes, there may be Float Three men. My husband rides on Float 3 on the Eastern Shore with his organization this Saturday night and informed me yesterday that he may be riding "commando," under duress. This might be blamed more on troubled domestic engineering than anything else.

A: For readers just tuning in, the term "Float Three girl" arose this year to describe female maskers who toss away their inhibitions, sometimes wrapped in articles of their clothing. A Float Three girl, then, may be a lot of fun but could tangentially be accused of immorality by a less-than-worldly onlooker.

The Masked One sees no specific need for a male-equivalent term. Men of poor moral fiber are called, well, men. [...]

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