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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Well, yes, as a matter of fact, I am quite sure.

The phone just rang now and I picked it up, answering with my usual, mellifluous baritone, “This is Terry Oglesby.” In the background, it sounded like someone was standing in the outdoors, and I thought it first might be Miss Reba. No answer back. “Hello?” I jiggered with the handset cord, because it has been coming loose and causing the sound to cut out. “Hello? This is Terry Oglesby.” A bit louder this time.

I heard a woman’s voice, “Hello? Who?”

Well, obviously, it wasn’t Reba--probably just your regular old citizen. “Yes, this is Terry Oglesby.” Something muffled--sounded like the phone was dropped or something. “I’m sorry ma’am, I couldn’t understand you.”

“I said, ‘Is this Ann and Frank’s place?’”

“Oh, no ma’am, you have the wrong number.” Happens a lot, you know. But then the kicker--

“Well, are you SURE?!”

Unless Ann and Frank have purchased City Hall and set up light housekeeping, I am certain beyond all reasonable doubt. I chuckled at her inability to grasp the obvious, and asked her what number she was trying to dial. There was the slightest edge of impatience in her voice, “Okay--it’s area code two-oh-four, two-five--”

“Ma’am? Ma’am! Ma’am, that’s the problem--this is area code 205, not 204. You’re calling Alabama.”

She still seemed to think I was wrong, “Hmph--that’s very odd, because that’s the number on the, the, here--well, goodbye.”

Indeed so.

Anyway, to Ann and Frank up in Manitoba, good day, eh.

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