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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Well, we might not have a whole lot of free ice cream cones, either regular-sized OR reduced-size, but there’s one thing we surely MUST have….



Well, no. It’s only the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three. Sorry.

Anyway, despite the fact that this little featurette’s relevancy is on par with that of Jim Jeffords, we continue to soldier on and come up with fluffy, lightweight diversions for your reading and answering pleasure. We have covered so many subjects over the past few months that every week I am certain we must have exhausted all possible topics of mundanity, yet, something always manages to find its way to the top.

This week’s object of curiosity--ANIMALS! Everyone loves animals, you know.

So then, answer these questions about our furry/scaly/slimy friends:

1) Of all animals, what is your absolute favorite one to eat? (Since we have covered something akin to this in other questions, we add this proviso: ASIDE FROM HICKORY-SMOKED PORK.)

2) What is the most number of pets/livestock you have ever had at one time?

3) Which of your pets is, or has been, your very most favorite?

NOW THEN, everyone is invited to play along and either leave your answer in the comments below or a link to the answers on your own personal Internet journal, or what some call “blogs,” which is short for “baloney logs.” If you leave a link, be sure and add the http:// prefix or else stupid, STUPID HaloScan doesn’t pick it up correctly.

Okay, now for my answers:

1) I have to say chickens. They are so versatile that I think I could eat some form of chicken every day and not grow tired of it. Cow is great, too, of course, but I don’t think I could eat one every day. And it pretty much tastes like cow no matter what, but chicken can taste like anything, including chicken.

2) Probably no more than about three, except for times when our dog would have puppies. When I was at home, we usually had a dog and a cat, although we would on occasion have two cats.

3) Oh, dear sweet Windy dog. She was an Eskimo spitz, and was purchased to replace our other most favorite dog, Phyllis, also a spitz. Windy was intelligent, brave, diligent, playful, neat, tidy, and easy to care for. She never had puppies, but she was like a mama to all the cats that we had. She’d clean them and watch out for them and bark at other cats who came around. She lived to be around 14 or 15 or so, and had gotten to where she moved awfully slow by the time Reba and I had gotten married and moved to Irondale. I have always been angry at the feral kid next door who let Windy out of the backyard fence one day--she ran away and I never saw her again.

In retrospect, I suppose it was for the best, because I don’t think I could have stood to see her if she had died in the yard.

So, there you go.

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