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Friday, January 28, 2005

Speaking of food (Dennis and Bunny Alert)

We took Reba out last night for a birthday meal. We usually don't go anywhere on a school night since the kids usually have homework, and we have to get them in bed at a decent hour so they can get out of bed the next day, but we figured a midweek feast would be the best way to avoid the usual Friday-Sunday crowds. And, for once, we were right.

No mile-long string of cars on Chalkville Mountain Road, and no waiting when we got to the restaurant. It's one we'd eaten at before over on the north slope of the mountain, The Seafood Market. Here's a review from back in October, which notes, charitably, that the dining experience was inconsistent. Our own previous trip back in December was pretty good (and detailed here, along with a bunch of other crap), although it didn't make get all weepy and emotional about the quality or service.

But last night must have been a good night--everything everyone got was hot and cooked right and good. Oldest got the small grilled seafood platter and a big salad, Middle Girl got an order of shrimp and pasta alfredo that was big enough to fill a sink, with some fried okra and fried dill pickles, the two younger ones got baskets of popcorn shrimp, I got the sauteed crab cakes--two that were each the size of dessert plates and a good half-inch thick and done just right--with some "Greek-style" green beans and the fried dill pickle slices, and the Birthdy Girl got half-dozen fried jumbo shrimp and a big salad. It took 'em a while to get it fixed, but it was worth the wait. Only the littler two actually finished their meals--the rest of us had to dump it all into take out boxes.

And then?

Well, I went back over the hill and put gas in the van at Sam's, and then we went home, and the kids had loads of homework to get done and they stayed up way too late. Which made it awfully hard to get them out of bed this morning. ::sigh::

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