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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Post Book Club Meeting Wrapups!

IN case you missed it, well, so did I. Several local folks got together Tuesday night, and much conversation and wanton revelry took place. Upon reading the after action reports, the subjects discussed seemed to be quite esoteric, and can be found related to you here by Sugarmama, here by Skillzy, here by Sarah (the official minutes), here by Ben, and here by Chez.

A common thread in all of these was that I was missed. (For whatever reason.) That's very nice, since it IS all about me.

As for some of the various commentaries--yes, I DO enjoy watching the news. But only if it's got nice looking girl reporters.

Second, I deny having any influence on anyone. It's not me. It's sunspots or badgers. But not me.

Third, Chet the E-Mail Boy should not be given any encouragement or praise. He is a very lazy employee, and was once caught stealing a pencil from the supply cabinet. He smells like Old Spice and phlegm and corn flakes, and has a habit of shouting. His irrational fear of weasels and other mustelids creates severe difficulties when he is in polite company. Please, do not have any direct contact with him. And do not trust anything bad he says about me.

As for the next "book" "club" meeting time, I propose that we meet for lunch, somewhere within 15 minutes of downtown. On a Tuesday or Thursday. Between the hours of noon to 1:00 p.m. When it's not raining. Or overly cold.

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