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Monday, January 03, 2005

Oh, my.

I believe I might have let you all down. Or maybe I'm just a redneck trendsetter. I'm not quite sure what to make of it, but what is a person to think when the traditional Southern New Year's meal is unceremoniously replaced with supper at the Chinese buffet?!

It boggles the mind.

Then again, maybe it might work--the pot stickers and won tons each had some pork in them so I suppose that makes up for the ham or hog jowls, and the little bits of sushi had a nice green piece of seaweed in or around them so that was kind of like turnip greens. The black-eyed pea substitute is a bit harder to figure out, although several of the dishes had little English peas, although I don't know if that qualifies. And then there's all the stuff that has no corollary I can think of--spring rolls, teriyaki chicken, hot and sour soup, steamed crab legs, tempura shrimp--it is quite a dilemma.

Oh well. Them Chinese people has managed to stay around awhile eating this stuff, so I don't suppose it'll hurt anything. Once.

Anyway, we were out doing returns Saturday, and just didn't have time to set in to cook. Which was pretty much the theme of the entire weekend, which we spent NOT taking down all the Christmas decorations, scurrying hither and yon and then some, shopping and going to see the King Tut exhibit at the McWane Center and giving myself a headache at the IMAX movie, and sitting around various local malls with two or three antsy children, and finding a 1GB SD chip at Sam's for 70 bucks, and spending six hours in the emergency room with Oldest and her internal pains again last night. Nothing to report on that front--they gave her a shot of painkiller and told us to call her doctor today if it's not any better. I have this odd feeling that it will be better. Just call me a psychic. ::sigh::

ANYway, it's been a very long weekend. And a very long last month, for that matter. So much happened, and I can't remember half of it. I even forgot to tell you about dressing up like Santa Claus for a Christmas party!

I suppose once I get settled back into the post-holiday groove, some of this stuff will shake out and be fodder for some interesting blog posts. Or not. OH, and by the way, blogging is now well beyond passe. How do I know? The entire stupid "Opus" comic strip yesterday was devoted to it. One sadly senses that it has now become the equivalent of disco, and will be looked back on with a smirk and an eye-roll. Oh well, at least I'm already used to it.

Now then, Monday morning staff meeting!

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