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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Fun With Referrer Logs!

My, things are certainly busy today on the Internet, as people far and wide come through the squeaky screen door to Possumblog searching for answers to questions great and even great.

Such as this person, who wonders:

How does a possum play dead so well?

Well, you try getting hit by a car, and I guarantee you you’ll learn to play dead real good, too!

Also, lots of study under the Stanislavski system helps.

Next up, someone searching for dodecahedron potty.

No, I’ve never seen a twelve-sided chamberpot, but then again, I don’t get out much.

Neugene akses about a used honder odyssey.

Odd, but you would think "Odyssey" would be the thing that was spelt phonetically.

And finally, one for the research chefs at Possumblog Kitchens: cooking direction for Jim dandy quick grits.

Here you go:

Boil water
Pour grits in bowl
Pour boiling water onto grits in bowl
Stir around boiling water and grits until they are the consistency you prefer
Butter and salt to taste

EEK! Jordana points out that these instructions are incorrect!

They are indeed the directions for instant grits.

The actual recipe should read:

Boil water in a pot

Pour grits slowly into boiling water in quantity called for on the side of the box for the amount of water you happen to be boiling

Stir around boiling water and grits and cover pot and cook for five minutes
Keep stirring while waiting for five minutes
Butter and salt to taste
Spoon into bowl

We are sorry for any inconvenience.
Thank you.

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