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Thursday, January 06, 2005


Sorry about that, but you know how work can be. All worksome and all, and that’s never very much fun. BE THAT AS IT MAY, it is now time for the First Axis of Weevil Thursday Three of 2005!

Developed in deep secrecy in the early part of last year by Possumblog Industries’ scientists working in research laboratories in the Carolinas, the Thursday Three asks of you dear readers to think hard thoughts and answer a series of three incisive and probing questions, and is nothing at all like the Friday Five, in that it comes a day earlier, and is fewer in number.

Although we occasionally strive to produce thoughty and philosophical-type questions, for the most part this is intended as a light diversion from the more seriouser aspects of life. Anyone is welcome to play along--either leave your answers in the comments below, or answer them on your blog and leave a link.

NOW THEN, given that every new year begins full of promise and dreams of better things, and given that sometimes despite that fullness, those promises and dreams sometimes fail to materialize, let us look back now and find out from you:

1) What are three things you wish you had been able to get done in 2004, but didn’t?

2) What are three things you have always wished to do, but still haven’t done?

AND FINALLY, from Larry Anderson up at Kudzu Acres, who sends along this contribution regarding things of true importance--

How about some questions to really bring out the football fans this week?

Where were you on 17-16?

What were Shug's and Bear's real names?

Why would anyone go to Alabama when a good school costs about the same?

You know, some real intellectual ones this week to get the year off right.

Of course, Skinnydan may feel a little left out, so you could always ask how Rutgers did this year.

Now then--go off and answer and let us see what you have to say.

AS FOR MY answers:

1) I would like to have finished the downstairs toilet room, I wish I would have been able to lose some more flab, and I would like to have read a few more real books rather than magazines.

2) I would like to go back to Europe and take my whole family with me. (Thus proving as few other things could the depths of my mental instability.) I have always wanted to be a pilot. And I’d like to write a book.

3a) 17-16. Ah, the ol’ “Punt, Bama, Punt” game. Well, in 1972, I was the same age my son is now, and as my whole family was, I was a staunch fan of--

ALABAMA. Yes, ‘tis true, but before I went to Alabama Polytechnic Institute, I was raised up as a disciple of the Bear. I don’t actually remember much about the game, other than my sister, who is a more rabid football fan than I, and my dad were awfully upset. But now that my blood runs orange and blue (ick), looking back on the replays and commentary on that game gives me chills like few other things. THAT is what the Iron Bowl was all about.

3b) Don’t cheat and look, but they were James Ralph Jordan (pronounced “Jerd’n,” of course), and Paul William Bryant.

3c) Sorry, no clue on this one.

SO, there you go.

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