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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Well, we may not get to go to the Orange Bowl...

...but this is a much better story: Auburn University released from academic probation

[...] The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools placed Auburn on probation last year, citing in part a finding of micromanagement by trustees. A recent report by SACS said it wasn't satisfied with Auburn's effort to get off probation and that the school would have to do more to prove that some trustees don't improperly control or influence other board members.

At its annual meeting in Atlanta, SACS cleared Auburn, after its interim president Ed Richardson and Alabama Gov. Bob Riley spent Friday meeting with officials in an effort to convince them that the school has made enough management improvements to get off probation.[...]

Somewhere, though, a crooked smile crosses Bobby Lowder's face, his position still secure on the Board of Trustees...

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