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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Observations at the Food Court

Just went to get some lunch, and I offer to you, gentle reader, a few things of note.

First of all, I saw a guy who looked EXACTLY like the early SNL John Belushi. That's probably not the look he was going after, however.

Second, it struck me that there are a couple of things that just don't look good:

1) Nicely-dressed professional women who lug around a giant plastic bottle of water, and worse, who are always guzzling it. It just doesn't look very elegant, and goes against my Emily Post instinct about attending to matters of personal care in plain view. Hair brushing, fixing makeup, flossing--all are better done in a more discrete manner. Let's face it, there is a more classy way to maintain hydration.

2) Nicely-dressed professional women who feel compelled to loudly pack their cigarettes on the palm of their hand. It just looks a little too much like the permanently-bemulleted guy I used to work with. Every morning, he would come in and sit down at his desk, and start WHAPWHAPWHAPping his smokes. After about ten minutes he would stop. He finally quit doing it so much, because he finally caught on to the fact that when he started WHAPWHAPWHAPping his Marlboros, everyone else in the studio would start slapping their drawing board. You would think someone who wore a mullet and cowboy boots with tiny gold plastic faux spurs would be a bit less sensitive about being mocked. In any event, it just looks a little coarse, as my mother would say.

Finally, Taco Bell's "food" isn't that great.

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