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Thursday, December 30, 2004

It’s the “Interstitial Holiday Version” of the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three!

IT IS NOW THE TIME when all of the gifts have been unwrapped and tried on for size, and there are the slim few days of renewed non-holiday activities before everything grinds to a halt again to celebrate the New Year and watch the Sugar Bowl. It is in this fraction of post-pre festivities that we take this opportunity to once again urge you to put on your bright red and fuzzy white thinking caps and cogitate a moment on the recent past gifting season and (in a series of questions inspired by one Jim Smith) tell everyone:

1) What was the best gift you got (or gave) this year?

2) What was the worst gift you got (or gave) this year?

3) What gift are you going to have to go back and get for yourself because someone forgot to read your list to Santa?

As with all previous exercises, this little shindig is open to folks of all your various holiday traditions, whether you celebrate Saturnalia or not. The only requirement is whether or not you got or gave somebody something that could be construed as giftish. Of course, that really isn't really a hard-and-fast rule, either, because you can always pretend you got a black ’67 Sting Ray roadster delivered to you by a diaphanous-robed Salma Hayek...

Hmm? Oh, sorry. My mind wandered off there for a minute.

Anyway, leave your answers in the comments below, or leave a link to your blog with your answers.

AS FOR my answers:

#1--As for the best thing I got, I would have to say it was either the digital camera or the car-portable DVD player that we got for the van. Probably the latter, since it will anesthetize the children on long trips. The best gift I gave would have to be the cell phone we bought to let Rebecca give to Ashley. I have been resisting giving her one for ages now--she thinks because all the other kids have them that she HAS to have one, but with band and choir and other stuff, there are times when she does need a phone. And it’s one of the prepaid variety, and she is strictly limited to ten minutes a month. Not much you can do to get in trouble with that. I hope. But she was overjoyed and tackled Rebecca in thanking her.

#2--Well, there was the whole key case debacle handled separately yesterday, but I also have to add in the two dress shirts I got from my in-laws. I have very specific standards for dress shirts, the most notable of which is that they have to be 100% cotton. The cotton/poly blends shrink so quick that they are useless within a couple of months, whereas the all cotton (assuming a nice, dense, thread count) wear like iron and take repeated boilings and bashings on rocks down by the creek. Reba and I have been married for thirteen years, and this rule has never changed. You figure folks would catch on.

So, this year, again, crisp white oxford cloth dress shirts from Grandmom that are 55/45 cotton/poly. ::sigh:: Those get returned tonight.

#3--I didn’t really ask for it, so it’s not fair to blame anyone for not getting it for me, but I would like to get myself a CD/DVD burner. And I think I might get one of those cheap no-contract cell phones like we got Oldest, mainly because I think they are so kewl.

So, there you go.

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