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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

"Car," you say?!

Oh, and HOW! Brand new black Lexus SC430 coupe.

Now you might wonder how I can afford such a thing.

Well, you see, I have a loving son and when he saw the 1:10 scale R/C version at Wal-Mart, he just knew his daddy would love it. Or, if Dad didn't, he sure would.

So, I now have a Dub City ricer. It really is funny, because although both he and Mommy know Daddy likes cars, they seem to know much less of the types of cars I like. (Such as this, or this, or this, or this.) So, this one has gigantic Conestoga-wagon-like chrome spinner rims and low-profile tires, little blue lights behind the wheels that light up, big coffee can exhaust tips, and a package shelf full of amplifiers that light up. It would be quite the phat ride to park outside my crib so all of my sick homies could peep it.

Which I suppose it what makes it so ridiculously fun to play with. I can be an old fart and still have my toe in the hip automotive youth culture. Just call me Bling Crosby.

Anyway, it has been great fun, and if Boy thought he was going to get it away from me anytime soon, he has another think coming.

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