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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Okay, enough silliness.

Time to shut off the Spigot of Frivolity for a while--I have my bimonthly regulatory meeting tomorrow morning, meaning that it's going to be on up in the day before we get around to turning the nozzle back on. SO, wander around the place and see what you can find to keep you occupied, and I'll be back around directly.

OH, and by the way--it's time for you folks in the Alabama Barn Raising and Artillery Society (aka The Axis of Weevil) to start deciding who wants to be the next host of the Thursday Three. Chet the E-Mail Boy has just now gotten the lovely engraved granite hunk containing the Thurs3 back up onto the flatbed, and is anxiously awaiting directions. Or needing to go to the restroom--it's hard to tell. Anyway, volunteers please step forward.

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