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Monday, August 09, 2004

Never can quite get out of the habit.

Even when the person is young enough to be my daughter.

Just got a message from Catherine's teacher making sure all of her e-mail contacts are working right, and I dutifully replied and called her 'Mrs. Teachername.' (Not her real last name, by the way.) Most people nowadays just assume everyone should be called by their first name as if you've been friends all your life, but I just find it difficult to call any of the kids' teachers anything other than Mister or Missus. Even if she is fresh out of teacher school.

I did have to caution Rebecca to be sure and call her math teacher by Mrs. Mathteacher (not her real name, by the way), instead of Miss Charlotte. If you recall from Friday, Miss Charlotte/Mrs. Mathteacher is the girl who was Rebecca's cheerleading coach--you can call an acquaintance by her first name if you put Miss in front of it, but once she's a teacher you have to do it right and use her last name. Rebecca said she already figured that out.

Anyway, this is what I wrote back to Catherine's teacher:
It's working fine, Mrs. Teachername. I hope Catherine was good in class today. She does have her moments. (She gets that from her mother's side of the family, you know.) She's a good little girl, but a little too lively sometimes, and a little too hard-headed a lot of the time. If you have any difficulties, please be sure to let us know.
Be interesting to hear what all went on today when I get home.

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