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Friday, June 25, 2004

Weekend HO!

You know, I wonder if someday soon no one will get the reference to Wagon Train, but will instead hear "ho" only in its rap music connotation--and then shift around uncomfortably like they do now when you sing "don we now our gay apparel"?

That would be pretty sad. But then again, not near so sad as poor Santa Claus. "Ho ho ho," indeed.

ANYway, it's getting time to head toward the house. Toward, but not to. Tonight we have been invited, with extreme prejudice, to dine with Reba's mom and dad on the occasion of celebrating his birth. Yes, there is still much work to be done at the house; much preparation still to be done for Sunday afternoon's gathering of children--there's floors to be mopped, and food to be gotten, and somewhere in there I STILL have to get the grass cut, and there are clothes to wash.

But, it's hard to resist such an invitation. And they have a couple of card tables we need to borrow.

Not much going to get done Saturday, either. Just like last year, we are loading up and schlepping down to Kentuck Park in Northport to go to Grandad's company picnic. Food and Fun For the Whole Family! Especially if you like being around a hundred complete strangers. The Kentuck Art Center has an art festival there at the park every year that is really neat. But none of that stuff will be there, just people swatting at mosquitoes and getting all sweaty and sticky.

Being the antisocial sort I am, I intend to sit in one of our folding chairs and scowl at small children and old people. On the plus side, the food really is pretty good.

Reba says we can leave after lunch, which will put us back to the house around 3-ish, which is when I will finally get to try out my new mower blade. If it's not raining.

Sunday, church, and then the onslaught of kids for lunch, where there will be hamburgers. And hopefully folks who are kind enough to LEAVE so we can get it all cleaned back up. Promises to be full of EVEN MORE Food and Fun for the Entire Family!

I can hardly wait!

But, I'll have to, and so will you. See you back here bright and early Monday--all of you have a great weekend!

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