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Friday, June 18, 2004

The mind-numbing, monotonous, never-ending sound checks…

…the threat of an impending monsoon, the rows of glistening portable toilets, the impassable streets, the attractive young women in shorts and tank tops, the perfume of freshly fried animals-on-sticks and funnel cakes--it can only mean one thing….

It’s City Stages weekend! Wee.

As is my usual custom during this festival, I just now got back from making the rounds of the various purveyors of carbohydrates and cholesterol, as well as the setups of the local TV stations. Since Nikki Preede is no longer with FOX6, I was hoping maybe they had sent out the high-cheekboned, strong-jawed, bronzen-hued, multi-lingual Mai Martinez. If she was there, they must have had her in a secure location. Probably for the best. Same situation with NBC13--hoping for a possible glimpse of Debra Des Vignes, or maybe Wendy Garner. Nope. Everywhere, just a bunch of little gooby-looking guys. ::sigh::

The food vendors seemed a bit late getting set up this year. They usually try to get upon by noon to snare some pre-shindig lunch business from the office workers. The row of booths outside City Hall was very impressive, but only one was up and running, and had a line a half block long.

Although it is very, VERY bad for everything about my health (as well as my billfold), I got in line and purchased a chicken basket with curly fries, and a big old funnel cake. And yes, I’m eating it right now, and yes, it’s greasy as a lard wagon, and YES, it’s good! And it puts to lie the myth that food like this is the cause of obesity, because it’s the only thing cheap enough for poor people to afford. I just laid down enough money to have gone to a real restaurant and bought lunch for me AND Miss Reba. So there!

Anyway, you’re paying for the atmosphere, I suppose. The chokingly hot, sweat-and-rancid cooking oil-smelling, humid atmosphere, filled as it is with the sounds of happy chatter. There is also the variety of minor street theater--the fire department inspector questioning the Chinese guy about his cooking setup, the Chinese guy looking up at him blankly and saying, “No, me not know, wha? Wha’ say you?”--after just getting off his cell phone speaking perfect English right before the inspectors showed up.

Fascinating, Captain.

(I would take pictures, but the photo guy has the camera out doing his job. Oh, well--here's some from previous years.)

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