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Friday, June 18, 2004

End of Day Yesterday?

I had everything ready to sit down and eat the moment Miss Reba walked in the door--roast, vegetables, salad, rice--it smelled really, REALLY good. And so I left her with it and had to take Rebecca to the park for her last tryout session. ::sigh:: Oh, well--it'll be good warmed over, too.

Off toward the park, and just as we passed by Trussville City Hall, I remembered that last night was also my night for our board of zoning adjustment meeting. Only one case, for a home occupation, but I felt like I needed to show up anyway. Even though I had on a pair of torn up jeans, a rather unfragrant tee-shirt, my goofy-looking straw hat, no socks, and a day and a half worth of stubble. I may clean up well enough, but my default condition is awful.

I suppose I could have dropped Middle Girl off and gone home and changed, but that would have just been too much trouble. So, I stayed at the park for a while while she practiced, then went back up the road, walked in and made myself at home on the dais. By now, much more unfragrant, and much more sweatier.

No matter--we didn't have enough for a quorum, so no meeting. Fair enough.

Went up to the drug store to pick up a prescription, and then back up to the park in time to see Rebecca score a couple of goals during the scrimmage.

Afterwards, back home, where we FINALLY got to eat the stuff I had worked on all day.

It sure was good.

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