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Friday, June 04, 2004

And now, this: Police look for naked drive-through patron

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (AP) -- Police are searching for a man who was naked when he picked up his fast food order this week at a drive-through window.

The customer at Bojangles restaurant was described as a hairy, big-bellied man in his 30s

Probably only two or three people like that in all of North Carolina...

with short curly black hair


that was receding on the top of his head.

Well, still 'ewww.'

He picked up an order at the window Monday morning.

Sorta late for this to be hitting the wire, then isn't it?

"He conducted his business

So to speak...

at the drive-through wearing no clothing and he had to open his door to receive whatever they were passing out the drive-through window," said Capt. Ross Frederick of the Hillsborough Police Department.

Seems like they would have also made sure to give him some napkins. But that's just me.

This is the first time police have been called about him, but the man has patronized the restaurant before.

A regular, eh? NORM!!

On those occasions, he wore only his underwear or perhaps shorts that may resemble underwear, Frederick said.

And now, this poor man must feel the repression of Ashcroftian neocon fascism, where jack-booted thugs persecute people merely for having the courage to live alternative lifestyles that require the purchase of fried chicken and biscuits while unclothed. You can't legislate morality, you know!

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