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Monday, May 24, 2004

TV networks won't cover Bush's speeches

[...] But it's a difficult decision for the networks, forced to weigh the newsworthiness of the event, when it is left up to them. In that case, the three networks often take their cues from one another.

Monday was one of the last nights of the May "sweeps" period, when television ratings are used to set local advertising rates.

NBC had two editions of "Fear Factor" scheduled on Monday. CBS had season finales of its popular Monday-night comedies and ABC was showing the theatrical release "A Beautiful Mind."

Poor, poor networks. Having to make those difficult decisions. Just pitiful. But, whew!, thankfully, there's no sort of anti-Bush bias here.

Maybe if President Bush could come up with something more compelling, say, a celebrity match-up with Ray Romano and Patricia Heaton and Nancy Pelosi, and they all have to eat a whole bucket full of worms while stacked in a naked pyramid and try to decipher coded message, and if they don't finish in time, they're attacked by TIGERS! Now THAT'S TEEVEE! OH, wait--forgot that there's a big ticking LED clock. GOTTA HAVE A CLOCK!

Better'n some dumb old thing about that icky Iraq place.

I just feel sorry for those poor programming executives who have to make these hard decisions.

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