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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Study: Students suffer in unruly classes

[...] education colleges don't prepare teachers to deal with rowdy students; children in special education are treated too lightly even when their misbehavior has nothing to do with their disabilities; schools back down from discipline when parents threaten lawsuits.

Setting a firm discipline policy and following it consistently is a solid strategy for success, said Julie Underwood, general counsel for the National School Boards Association. Still, she said, "parents are much more willing than they were 20 years ago to lawyer up and fight."

The biggest cause of student behavior problems, according to both teachers and parents, is that too many parents fail to teach their kids discipline. That leaves schools with less time to teach social skills or to free kids for recess or exercise, said Jerald Newberry, who directs the health and safety division at the National Education Association. [...]

I'll agree with the part about parents--it reminds me of the cup I got from McDonald's touting their new GoActive! junk--"Finally, a Happy MealR for Me."

Now, there are probably some people who would jokingly pout about not having adult Happy Meals, but the sad thing is there really is a sizeable group of folks out there who are genuinely miffed at being adults and being denied childish frippery. The problem is that, despite their adolescent tendencies, we screwed up and gave them high-paying jobs so they can hire lawyers and sue someone when Little Jimmy gets in trouble for beating down a teacher.

Sadly, it's not one-sided, though. Not only did we give them jobs in the private sector, they also managed to sneak into the field of education, too, which explains a lot of the absolutely ridiculous zero-tolerance silliness being foisted on students by pin-headed administrators in the name of security. Sometimes (and I can't believe I'm saying this) it IS a good idea to grab a mouthpiece and start raising some sand.

I suppose it's too much to wish for a little common sense on both sides.

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