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Friday, May 07, 2004

Speaking of baby names...

I found that "Terry" is currently the 400th most popular name among boys born in 2003, and is not even in the top 1,000 for the years 1990-2003 for girls. 1997 was the last year that "Terri" broke into the top 1,000, with a rank of 998.

If you go to the 1,000 most popular list, after about the first 100, you start running into some real corkers--the 119th most popular girl name is Brooklyn--none of the other boroughs are mentioned, although I imagine somewhere, there probably is a child named Bronx. Or Manhattan.

Likewise, the 181st most popular girl name is Genesis. No other books of the Pentateuch are mentioned, although, again, there is probably some poor kid getting beat up because his parents named him Deuteronomy.

The 199th most popular name for boys is Damien, while oddly enough, the 666th most popular is Ryder. Number 237 is Xander. Buffy is strangely absent from the list.

Kobe is the 268th most popular boy name, although I hear that attorneys are attempting to suppress that information. Neither Bush nor Kerry are in the top 1,000, although Clinton is the 737th most popular choice. (See comment about Kobe.)

Mercedes is the 333rd most popular girl name, and parked right next to it at 332 is Christine. Odd coincidence since Christine the possessed Plymouth Fury was manufactured by Chrysler, which is now part of the Daimler/Chrysler organization who make Mercedes-Benz and no longer make Plymouth. (Lincoln is at 553 for boys, by the way.)

Jesus is number 67, Abraham is 196, Moses is 503, and Mohammed is 605.

As a testament to lack of creativity--Baby is the 767th most popular boy name, and the 969th most popular girl name.

AND FINALLY, the 1,000th most popular boy and girl names are Zayne and Katy. Bless their hearts.

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