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Thursday, May 06, 2004

SOFT! Whut lite thru yonder winder breaks?

Why, ‘tis Thursday, and time for the Thursday Three!

And get this, culture fans--this little bit of fluff has persevered for FIVE whole episodes!

Who knew, springing as it did from such humble beginnings, that The Thursday Three would become so acclaimed and sought after as a way of wasting valuable time and energy?!

Not me, that’s for sure. I realize it's kinda late, but there was a wreck on I-20/59 this morning just past Tallapoosa, and then when I got in I had my actual job to do, so BACK OFF!

Ahem, uh, sorry.

ANYway, I have been thinking about what to ask next, and after the usual headaches, phlegminess and rude noises, I have decided to get myself a lamp and make like Diogenes--

KNOWING that there is a certain stereotype of Southern politicians as being corrupt, venal, pin-headed, power-hungry, self-absorbed, crooked, petty, mendacious, avaricious betrayers of the public trust, ::cough::LowellBarron::cough:: I believe that surely there must be some out there who have done, or are doing, good. So then:

1) What one non-federal officeholder from the South, currently holding office, do you believe is doing an honest day’s work?

2) Have you yourself ever been a holder of any appointed or elected authority, board, agency, office, or position?

3) If you awoke one morning to find that you had been made King of the South, what is the first law would you repeal or decree forthwith for the benefit of your people?

Well, for #1, I think I would say one of the members of the Jefferson County Commission, Mary M. Buckelew, who is over Technology and Land Development. She has always seemed tough, fair, intelligent, and honest, and those qualities have been recognized in her by others, as well. And even though she has a good many years on me, I think she’s hot.

#2--yep, as I’ve mentioned before, I serve on my town’s Board of Zoning Adjustment, which is a position recommended by the mayor and approved by the city council. As I’ve also mentioned, I think serving on boards like this is a good way to contribute to your community in a non-partisan way, and it gives you a much better idea of what it’s like to balance opposing viewpoints while still remaining true to the law. It also makes you wish you had paid better attention in civics class.

As King of the South, I would end any sort of retirement pay for former elected office holders, and limit state legislators to no more time in office than that they allow their governor. I think the professional politician class has had a much greater negative impact upon the South than most other parts of the county, mainly because our economic pie has always been a lot smaller. And a lot of that we have allowed to happen--possibly out of some misplaced sense that nothing can be done about it. OH, and I would also strip all public buildings of the names of living legislators. Yes, yes--I’m all for giving flowers to the living so they may enjoy their fragrance while they yet live, but I’d prefer it if these goobs would be satisfied with a nice bouquet from FTD.

So there you go.

AS ALWAYS, you need not speak with a drawl in order to participate. If you don't live in the South, pretend you do and come up with something--just like our politicians, you do get points for creative prevarication, you know. Leave a link in the comments if you have a blog, or just post your answers (remember there's a thousand character limit, though--so if you get all verbose and thoughty, it might take a couple of posts.)

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