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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Say, kids, what time is it!?

Iiiiiiiit’s Thursday Three time,
It’s Thursday Three time.

Possumblogger and Chet the E-Mail Boy, too,
Say Howdy Do to you!

Let’s give a rousing cheer,
‘Cause Thursday Three is here.

It’s time to start the show,
So kids, let’s GO!

What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Anyway, it having now been exactly seven days since the last installment of our show, it is once again time to throw the tarpaulin off the old noggin and once more get yourselves all geared up to participate in America’s most favorite funtime activity (if you don’t count Jarts), the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three, Version SEVEN!

But before we get to that, I wish to rectify a mistake in last week’s quiz-- ‘I’ before ‘E,’ except after ‘C.’

That’s all I’m saying about it, and I have since erased the ignominy of my misspelling, but next time, please, someone let me know. It’s like walking around with your zipper down all day. Or, in this case, for a whole week.

NOW THEN, as has been the case with past questionarials, we will attempt to cover some topics that will cause you to ponder and pontificate about our mutual love and respect for the South, for no other reason than it’s something to do on a Thursday, and it takes up less time than the Friday Five.

So then--Race.

There. I said it.

Long a topic of intense emotion (and not just in the South, by the way), it is one topic we have not yet explored in this format. Mainly, this has to do with the fact that the Thursday Three is intended to be more in the vein of light humor (or attempts thereat) and as such the does not lend itself easily to topics of a more serious nature.

Far be it for us to allow heated controversy to stand in our way, though.

Here’s your questions:

1) NASCAR recently sent up a squeal from old-school fans for its decision to move two Nextel Cup (nee Winston Cup) races from Rockingham and Darlington to Texas Motor Speedway and Phoenix International Raceway in Arizona. The move is seen by many as a naked grab for a more mainstream audience and an attempt to walk away from the sport’s redneck past. Is this a good thing?

2) It has been noted by others that the original 26 episodes of Jonny Quest are now available on DVD. The question: Race Bannon--is he or isn’t he?

3) Have you ever participated in any sort of organized footrace--track and field in school, fun runs, marathons, Olympics--and what was your finishing position? (Sprawled on the ground with dry heaves does not count as a position.)

As you can see, these topics about race can be touchy, so try to be civil. Based upon continued reader input, you will notice that I have tried to strike a balance between questions that require no thought and those that do. The success of this strategy is debatable, but not as part of the quiz.

As has been the case in the past, if you have your own blog, leave a link in the comments below, and if not, leave your answer in the comments. And while this is intended as a series of queries aimed at those of you who live in the South, remember that this can be played by anyone in the ENTIRE WORLD. Just like Jarts.

SO THEN, go off and think up some stuff. Here’s my answers--

1) I know there are some fans that don’t like it, and it is sad to see some of the venerable old venues where the sport was built be cast aside like a shredded tire carcass, but NASCAR is a business, and there’s some more money left yet to be made. So they’re going for it. The problem of alienating old school fans might be eliminated, however, if NASCAR decided to incorporate groups such as the Historic Stock Car Racing Group into its fold. Vintage racing is very popular in sports car circles, and given the love fans have for old stockers, it could be something for NASCAR to explore as a way to keep the older tracks operating, and give those heritage fans something interesting to look at and still be able to get some money out of them.

2) Oh, come on. Of course he is. And don’t try to bring Jezebel Jade into this.

3) Oh, surely you--I mean I--jest. I have run non-competitively before, for P.E. classes in school, but nothing I could ever hope to get a trophy or medal for. I was just happy to not be curled up on the ground with dry heaves. Maybe running a marathon should be my next big goal.


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