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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Say, it's not just for plumbers!

The elevator over in the annex has been inoperable since last week, but they just got around to getting someone in here yesterday to fix it. Which prompted two fire alarms yesterday afternoon, and one TWO (second one just went off) this morning due to the repair guys mucking about with having to weld stuff and mess with the electrical circuits.

Anyway, as I was walking down the corridor last evening on the way out to the parking deck, I met a co-worker heading the opposite way, and as he passed, he jerked his thumb back over his shoulder--"Look out."

I rounded the corner and was met by a giant chasm--not only were the annex elevator doors open, there was a trusty mechanic kneeling on the floor looking over the sill into the bottom of the shaft, giving all who passed by nice look at his vertical smile.

I guess plumbers aren't the only ones afflicted with plumber's butt.

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