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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Reader Mail

Chet the E-Mail Boy was so excited to receive this morning's mail--it contained a missive from a foreign country--TEXAS NOT Texas!

Anyway, here you go:

Good Morning,

Why, thank you!

While I was eating breakfast this morning, the local TV news had their "Fortune Financial Report" segment. Amazingly, most of the segment focused on a single news item.

Well, it IS local TV news...

It seems that Brad Pitt has decided that the latest fashion trend will be ... men wearing skirts.

As I said, the hard-hitting world of local TV news just begs for stories like this to receive full and complete attention.

A quick Googling of "Brad Pitt" and "skirts" turned up some interesting links.

You mean, like this? As H.D. Miller notes, the little birdy-legged shmoo Brad is going to have to understand that if indeed this is the trend, he needs to work a bit harder on making sure he can successfully carry off the look.

This just seems like a topic designed for your sense of humor. ;-)

Thanks! I think. Or not.

Thanks for the great blog!


(please don't post my full name)

Well, having dished about Brad in skirts, anonymity is probably a pretty good idea. At this point, I do want to point out a huge plus in Eric's favor, that of positive reinforcement given to me. As you all know, I live for constant positive reinforcement. And it's all about me. So this is a REALLY good letter. So in keeping with Eric's request, the remainder of his e-mail has been slightly altered to avoid outing him as a closet Possumblog reader.

Eric Z. Zzzzzzzzt
University of Zzzzz Center for Zzzzing and Zzzzzzzz Arts
College of Zzzzztion
University of Zzzzz at Zzzzzz
1 University Station Zzz00, ZZZ ZZZ
Zzzzzz, Zzzzz ZZZZZZ

"Bureaucrats soon forget the purpose of their job, and only remember the rules. It's almost inevitable."

-Jerry Pournelle

Jobs have a purpose? Who knew!?

Anyway, back to Pittly mandresses. The whole idea reminds me of a fellow who I see occasionally walking around downtown Birmingham. He looks a lot like Howard Stern, but he wears blousy women's dresses. And heels. And a purse. And a bra hugely overstuffed stuffed with paper or something. And again, he looks like Howard Stern, especially around the hair. Except it's not his own long, black, tangled mass of curls, but rather, a wig. He proudly flounces around, and I'm sure on some level he probably feels pretty, but here's the deal. He ain't. Men have enough trouble dressing in men clothes not to have to deal with trying to find something else to look like a slob in.

Oh, sure, it's simpler to go to the john, and cooler in hot weather, and the new styles for summer are really cute, but obviously, God had a reason for inventing pants. Let's just leave well enough along and be thankful for the status quo.

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