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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Oh, so that's the euphemism he's using now... Clinton Writing Book Around the Clock-Vanity Fair

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Former President Bill Clinton says he is working round the clock to complete memoirs for which he received a $12 million advance, and friends say he is stuck on what has become his favorite subject: himself, according to a story in Vanity Fair on Monday.

In an interview with Vanity Fair contributing editor Sam Robert Anson, Clinton says he is obsessed with getting his long-awaited memoirs done, although he only started on his White house years around four months ago.

"I am literally hardly sleeping. I am working around the clock. I am killing myself because I want (my memoirs) done. ... Hard enough to live my life the first time. The second time has really been tough," he told Anson. [...]

Now the uncharitable among us might snicker and come up with a bit of dialogue in our minds--Bill, on the telephone: "Uh, no, Hil sweetheart--I just can't get away right now 'cause I'm working round-the-clock on this book," as a winsome and power-struck young brunette on the couch beside the former President silently giggles as she busies herself showing him her favorite pages from the Kama Sutra. But you know, you would be wrong to think such things...

Anson added that Clinton's "exhaustively analyzed marriage" seems healthy, too, despite gossip linking him to a multi-continent harem. Stories also have him intending to divorce Hillary... Nonsense, say friends, who relate witnessing manifold instances of stroking and smooching. [...]

I feel rather ill.

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