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Wednesday, May 19, 2004


I'm still not through shoveling. Dumb ol' work. But tomorrow is Thursday, and you know what that means!

(If so, please remind me--all my brain am sore, and it is hard to remember what the schedule is.)

I do know tomorrow's blogging will again be work-truncated. I have an inhouse seminar tomorrow afternoon on our new spiffy Geographic Information System that is supposed to be available online.

As proof of our immense intelligence, we can't just have it as a desktop application through our shared servers, we have to get on the Internet, then log in to a website, then come back in and access the information. It's like standing there in the den looking into the kitchen, and deciding the best way to get to the refrigerator is to go out the front door and then come back into the kitchen from the door at the carport. Silly computer people.

Making it even less useful is that it won't be the full setup that we already have access to (via a single dedicated workstation in each department), but rather some sort of lite version with half the flavor, and twice the gristle. Again, sorta like looking at the kitchen table full of a big barbecue spread with cold iced tea and a big pecan pie for dessert, and then deciding to go out the front door, through the carport, back into the kitchen, to the refrigerator, only to get a box of shredded wheat.

The final indignity is that we don't have a color printer. Oh, there's a nice inkjet hooked up to the GIS workstation at the front counter, but no one will listen to me when I mention how nice it would be if we were networked to it so we could print other things in color, too.

Yeah, I know, but it never hurts to ask. Most of the time.

Anyway, see you all tomorrow.

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