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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Long day.

And it ain't over yet, and won't be until late tonight.

I have made some progress in pushing this nice rock up the hill--golly, I hope it doesn'tWHOOOOP--NOOOOOOOO!!


All the way back down to the bottom.

Might as well start pushing again--maybe tomorrow, though. As for now, as I mentioned this morning, last night was spent (after sufficiently packing the blood vessels back down into my temples and forehead--the result of having to castigate the children for being children at their Grandma's house) cleaning out bookbags and moving furniture around.

It was VERY interesting--Boy had lots of stuff, including his "Lit Log," where he was assigned to write his teacher a series of letters during the year about books he had read. It started off hot at the beginning of the year, and plummeted from there. She was very disappointed in him. Odd, but I never saw that folder the entire year. Next year, he won't be so lucky. All of his other grades and assignments were fine--he's a smart little kid, like the rest of them. Still spells like he's never had a lesson, though. Which is weird, seeing as how he always made hundreds on his spelling tests. Seems he would learn for the test, then go back to seeing spelling as an inconvenience to his creativity. Again, not next year. My His Alabama History project went over gangbusters, though! He got a 105 out of 100, which I think is pretty good. Man, just think what good grades I could make if I could go back through 4th grade NOW!

Cat's bag was obviously less full of stuff--first graders don't have a lot to begin with. But it was full of sweet stories she had written and illustrated--most of them along the lines of:

My sstur REBECca is PRIDI! I LOEv MI catt is stoffeded with FERR! I LVOE YOU!

::sniff:: Writes just like her old man.

Rebecca had the most junk (although I haven't gone through Ashley's yet) and it was all very nicely done. She seems to have had an inordinate amount of help from a parent when it came time to turn in reports. I She got very good marks on her notebooks on The Constitution, The Colony of Rhode Island, and Electric Circuits.

Best of all is that they all made the honor roll every nine weeks, and Chick-Fil-A and Arby's (among others) are both very good to give schools coupons for free food as incentives for the kids. We have eight coupons for free 8-piece chicken nuggets, four coupons for free chicken sandwiches, four coupons for free 4-piece kid's meals, four coupons for free desserts, three coupons for free Arby's Adventure Meals, a free kid's meal from Applebee's, and three free Personal Pan Pizzas from Pizza Hut (all have expired, though--cheapskates).

I hope they keep that up long enough to be able to get scholarships.

And then, furniture moving. Had to relocate a bookcase in Ashley's room then move the armoire off of the stair landing into her room so she'll have sufficient space to put all the clothes she swears she has none of so they won't litter the floor. The armoire is a big heavy thing, although not particularly tall. Much like me. And about as easy to move. Reba was very helpful and cautioned me not to hit anything and not to hurt myself. Got it turned and shoved and herniaed into the corner. Success! And soreness!

No matter.

Saw the end of American Idol--looks like Fantasia to me, although I think Simon's adulation of her was a bit overblown. She's good, but the best he's ever seen of any of the various shows around the world? Please. That other girl tanked--must have been nerves or something. I don't think there should be any voting controversy like last year. Also managed to watch the last few minutes of 24. I sure wish they would let Jack take a vacation--he seems rather stressed out. It would also be nice if Kim would get a different hairstyle than the white bangs-in-eyes look--hers reminds me of those blasted Andorians. Or maybe a change of wardrobe would help. Couldn't hurt.

Anyway, after all that, and after getting the kids to bed, it was time to hit the hay, then get right back up this morning. Uggh. And I forgot to bring the key to the building where we meet. Dunce. Maybe tomorrow will be a bit less hectic. Or not.

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