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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Lawmakers in Catfight Over 'Sex Kitten'

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Debate in Canada's parliament degenerated into shouts and catcalls on Wednesday when an opposition legislator committed what others saw as the sin of mispronouncing an Italian movie star's name.

The disturbance erupted when Jason Kenney of the Conservatives claimed that a former government minister had been "rubbing shoulders with aging Italian sex kitten Gina Lollobreegeeda" -- whose name is in fact Gina Lollobrigida.

Politicians from the ruling Liberals, anxious not to annoy Canada's large Italian community in the run-up to an election, argued that the mangled pronunciation of her name was an affront and an insult.

"It's Gina Lollobrigida, idiot!" bellowed Human Resources Minister Joe Volpe, prompting Kenney to say he was sorry for "offending the aging sex kitten community."

Speaking afterward, Volpe made an apology of his own.

"I'm sorry I called him an idiot. I should have referred to him as an imbecile," he told reporters. [...]

Silly, silly, Canadians.

First, silly persons, this is REALLY not something to argue about, especially when you're always tut-tutting the vapidity of your neighbors directly to the south.

Second, silly persons--all you can think to do is rub shoulders? I suppose that's probably why there's no such thing as aging Canadian sex kittens.

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