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Monday, May 17, 2004

I feel like I've been beat with a ball peen hammer.

Although how this differs in quality from being beaten with any other unyeilding object is beyond me. I guess I just like writing "ball peen." (And just so you know, I DO know what it's like to get hit with a hammer. Twice. In the head. By my own hand.)

ANYWAY, I managed to drag my mushy self in here this morning after a weekend filled with unsleepfulness and unrestfulness. You'll get to hear about some of it in a bit, but FIRST--I have to go sit at the big table and attempt to stay awake during our staff meeting.

BUT FIRST--Reason #293 To Not Exercise

I was coming back down Main Street this morning after letting the kids out, when up ahead I saw one of those icky, sweaty, joggers. Tall guy, bald, grimacing, running along the sidewalk by the cemetery. As I got closer, I also noticed something in the gutter beside a storm drain where he had just passed by.

It was a giant tabby cat, sprawled on its back, furry white tummy shining in the morning sun, with all four of its legs up in the air. It had an almost cartoon quality, but not enough of one to make up for its sad, sad demise. But imagine not being insulated from it in a car, but having to actually JOG PAST IT! Eww.

Fresh air?! Please.

Much healthier just to stay in your car where it's nice and sealed up.

SO, off to my meeting.

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