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Monday, May 03, 2004

How could I forget?

More about Saturday night--as part of my continuing manliness, after the children were bundled off to bed, and after I had done some more computing work for one of them who needed pictures of stuff that lives on a coral reef, I took my big chair into the bathroom and opened up Salon d'Possum for business. Reba's been bugging me for two weeks now to help her paint her hair, and 11 o'clock on a Saturday night was about the only time I had an open appointment. Usually this doesn't take all that long, but little did I know that she had gotten some of the stuff that also includes a highlighting kit. ::sigh::

Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound.

So I mixed and squirted and squished and tried my best to keep from leaving Bride of Frankenstein stripes up her hair, more or less successfully. While it sat and cooked, I took off the handy gloves that fit only very tiny hands and sprawled on the bed to watch Saturday Night Live for a bit. Lindsay Lohan was the host. Hmm. She growed up real good.

Finally got the hair work done, and to bed, and then back up again Sunday ready to go. Sorta. Got to church and found that I had to sub for the 3rd to 6th grade teacher, but I didn't mind so much since Rebecca and Jonathan are both in there and they tend to keep everyone else from misbehaving too badly. And at that age they all tend to actually listen pretty well and not try to out-smart aleck each other. For the most part.

On then to worship, where I managed to stay very awake for some of the time, and then afterwards to the Chinese buffet for some lunch and gastric distress, then off for Riverchase for Rebecca's game against the Hoover Phantoms White '93. This is a sister team to the girls who trounced us in the tournament (Blue '93), and the girls seemed to be determined not to lose again.

We got to the park and not only did it start sprinkling, it had also turned off REALLY cold, with a constant wind. I suppose this is blackberry winter, and we still have a bit of it today. Sorta uncomfortable, I suppose, but I also reckon it beats 100 degree heat and 100 percent humidity.

What a game. Hoover (again, with a deep bench and around five or six subs to our one) came out and scored two points within the first fifteen minutes--one on a penalty and one on a regular shot on goal. But our girls didn't give up, and spent the next few minutes taking it to them, and had it tied up again by the half. Lots of jostling and hard play on both sides, but nothing too unsportsmanlike. Second half, we jumped out and scored a beautiful goal, and it stayed 3-2 until way in, until Hoover sneaked one between about four of our girls and scored. 3-3, and more hard play until about five minutes left when we managed another breakaway and scored. Almost had it won, but Hoover's girls managed one more good exchange and lofted one up to the top of the net to tie it up one last time. Incredibly good game, with no bad ref calls to speak of and no bad blood. Rebecca played on the right back the entire game without a break, and did a bang up job, saving at least two goals and assisting with a long kick to the forward that set up one of our goals. Poor thing was about spent by the end, though--the first half her goal kicks were going nearly to the midfield line, but by the end of the game she was barely clearing the 18 yard mark. She still gave as good as she got though, and ran her bottom off.

And then got in the van and promptly started fussing with Jonathan over her GameBoy. ::sigh::

On back to church where I had a 4:30 meeting, and then to evening worship, where I once more valiantly stayed awake despite the sore tempations of Satan, who kept giving me visions of nice soft fluffy pillows and warm sea breezes. Thankfully, I had Jonathan under my arm, who, by the judicious application of his little needle-sharp elbows applied to my solar plexus as he wallowed on me, managed to keep me sufficiently conscious to the point that I looked pretty lively. Still, I fear I might have given myself away with all the snoring and drooling.

Some supper, then home, where one child decided that her coral reef assignment was due today, and that she need to stay up and finish it. And then we had a little person who just recently was fitted with braces, as well as a nighttime headgear that was to be worn last night for the first time for the WHOLE NIGHT. Along about 2:30 this morning, he woke us both up with lots of moaning and groaning. Reba had to get up and smooth down his ruffled feathers, and after about an HOUR of pampering and soothing, he managed to sleep the rest of the night. Poor little buddy wasn't expecting his new tooth hardware to hurt quite so much.

ANYway, that all's what happened this weekend. For some reason, I am still somewhat sleepy.

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