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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Gore encourages people to see 'Tomorrow'

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Former Vice President Al Gore says people should see the upcoming movie "The Day After Tomorrow," in which global warming suddenly creates a new ice age that freezes entire cities.

Scientists and Gore agree that the movie is loose with the scientific facts, but the Democratic presidential nominee in 2000 said he hopes the film will get people to start talking about climate change.

Much as Spider-Man 2 will inform people of the dangers of maniacal, metal-tentacle guys. By the way, Kirsten Dunst is hot.

"It's an emergency that seems to be unfolding in slow motion, but it actually is occurring very swiftly — not as swiftly as the move portrays, but swiftly in the context of human history," Gore said Tuesday in a conference call organized by the liberal advocacy group MoveOn.org.

Al Gore seems to be an emergency unfolding in slow-motion, but actually it's occuring very swiftly--not as swiftly as it should, but swiftly in political terms.

Gore and MoveOn.org are promoting a leafletting campaign, where volunteers will distribute fliers when the film opens on Memorial Day weekend. Gore said he has read the script and seen the trailer and anticipates seeing an advance screening of the film.

O, the HUMANITY! Think of all the trees that were murdered for all those leaflets. PAPER IS MURDER!

The fliers describe the weather crisis in the movie as "over the top," but say global warming is real and that President Bush is doing nothing to stop it.

I would certainly breathe a sigh of relief if he could do something to stop Hollywood from producing overwrought pot-boilers. They're much worse for the environment.

Republican National Committee spokesman Christine Iverson said given that Gore chose Howard Dean to win the Democratic primary race, "it's doubtful that the American people will be willing to rely on him as a movie critic."


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