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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The Dangers Inherent in Being Inquisitive

I came in this morning, and not thinking I could make it all the way upstairs to use the restroom, I made a stop in the one on the main floor. This is the one the engineers use, and therefore is stuffed with wackiness--there is a toilet seat cover dispenser hung on the wall, and although it is too high to meet handicapped requirements, and although everyone who has some technical skills more than likely knows exactly what it is, whoever hung it up decided to very precisely (pencil guideline and all) letter the outside of the dispenser with 1 inch vinyl letters, "TOILET SEAT COVERS." Thanks, glad to see you're thinking. (Of course, some wiseacre has come along and removed some of the letters so that it reads, "TO LET EAT OVERS.")

Another one of the fascinating things is the faucets--you know, since faucet handles are all germy, some bright person decided to eliminate them and install knee-operated controls. COOL! Just like a DOCTOR! Or not--these are a retrofit, and when the sink was installed long ago, it was placed at the very back of the countertop, which means you have to lean over to put your hands under the water. Which is hard to do while simultaneously trying to hold in the knee pad control. Especially if someone has left a puddle of water in the broad expanse of countertop between the edge of the bowl and the countertop. Sure, it's an ergonomic nightmare, but HEY! KNEE CONTROLS! Whatever.

Anyway, all of that is just filler to the point of the story. I was standing there at the urinal admiring the beige paint on the wall, and noticed the paper box hung over the partition holding the deodorizer. Having nothing else to do, and being a devotee of reading, I quickly perused the information on the box on how to use it (hang up with hook, do not eat) and then saw the list of ingredients. Just in case any of you want to know, it has:

99.75% Paradichlorobenzene

And the other .25%? Well, it's good to see you're just as inquisitive as I am. That other quarter-percent is made up of...

Fine Perfumes.

Now, this is just me, but I think they probably could bump that .25% up a few percentage points.

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