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Monday, May 17, 2004

An admission.

Before we get along to the incredibly banal details of my weekend, I feel I must make a confession.

The Gap.

This might shock you all, knowing as you do my finely-honed sense of style, but I have never once set foot in a Gap store. Never bought anything from them, never gotten anything as a gift that I had to take back there. The whole place gives me an odd creepy feeling, and it has nothing to do with their ubiquity or a sense that I must hop on the Bash Gap bandwagon--it's just that nothing about the whole concept appeals to me.


Except for they know how to do commercials. Especially commercials for tank tops. You know the one--girl on a beach, all windblown and bouncy and lascivious and squishy and tanned, walking toward the camera with that look in her eye, and starts peeling off layers of tank tops. That is a very compelling commercial.

Boy came in the room the other day and it was on, and he asked, "How many shirts has she got on!?" Although I was tempted to recite the old Tootsie Pop commercial with the turtle and the owl, I just let it go and said, "A whole bunch." "Well, Dad, why's she keep taking them off?" "They're just trying to show all the colors they have." "Oh." Yep. "Is she gonna take them all off!?" Kid, you're killin' me here. "Nooo, buddy--they can't show that on teevee!" "Well, good! That would be gross!" ::sigh:: A few more years and you won't be saying that, bub.

Anyway, I feel better now having unburdened myself about liking their commercials.

The Gap--clothes that look better coming off than they do on.

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