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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Ad Age's Bob Garfield on--Why McDonald's New Ads Are Like the Food.

[...] For instance, in the latest pool of 13 spots: "Hangin' with Ronald," a Leo Burnett spot that portrays the kids' icon as a rocker. Pitiful. Next to rockin' Ronald, the Archies are the Velvet Underground.

Big Macs and hip-hop
And what about "Fuel," from Burrell Communications, which persists in trying to make a Big Mac suitable subject matter for hip-hop? Yo, yo: It isn't. Pop a cap in rockin' Ronald to escalate an East Coast-West Coast clown war and maybe we can talk. [...]

Ouch. But it is kinda fun to imagine the tiny little car they would use for the drive-by.

The talk of commercials does remind me of my mom's reaction a few years back to one of the local McDonald's spots--they were running some kind of Big Mac combo promotion, and the announcer kept pronouncing the prefix "Mc" in McDonald's as "Mick." My mother wondered if they were going to insist on pronouncing it that way, why they didn't call the sandwich a Big Mick instead of a Big Mac.

My mom's such a clown.

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