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Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Sorta let work creep up on me unawares. I finished posting that last thing, and realized it was time for our dry-run for our early morning meeting tomorrow, and since our regular slideshow guy is out, I was supposed to break out the laptop and projector and show the slides. SO, I had to rush away to do that, and THEN had to leave and go get Catherine from school once more to see if her earpans were unstuck, and I didn't get to mention that there ain't gonna be no Possumblog tomorrow, since I will be in our twice-monthly meeting of the Good Taste Patrol. Maybe a bit later in the day if I can get some typing done.

AS FOR THE EARS--I figured that because I got to school and back right on time, and found a parking spot right beside the elevator, and got to go right back to the exam room without having to wait that someone was destined to have some discomfort. Doc came in, poked the ear-looker into Tiny Terror's headhole, annnnnnd...


After fighting this mess for six months, she is now infection-free--at least in her inner ear. Such a relief.

And you may ask, "Terry," (because you know me so well), "exactly why are you up and blogging at this late hour?"

Well, we had a band concert tonight for Ashley. As usual, it was four songs each from the Beginner, Concert, and Symphonic bands, and in addition there was a round of awards for all the first chair folks, which stretched things out a bit. But that was okay, because a certain clarinet-playing member of our family got a certificate (as well as a medal that will be arriving in a few days). Yeah, I'm proud of her--if for no other reason than I can use it as an example of what she can do if she tries hard and stays with something. But I'm still proud of her even if I DON'T get to use it.

As for the concert, it's amazing the amount of growth kids can do in a year. The symphonic band especially is just pretty darned good. They did a pretty snappy version of Sing! Sing! Sing! that just needed a touch more tempo to really swing.

As usual, the whole experience was made less enjoyable by the fact that there were people in attendance, and you know how THEY can be.

Some requests--guys, I realize it's a just a baseball cap, but still, you ARE an adult and you ought to know to take it off inside. Remember what Coach Bryant said!

Second--turn off your derned cell phones. This is your kid or grandkid, and there is NOTHING you will need to know at 8 o'clock at night that couldn't just as easily wait until tomorrow.

Third--please, if you've been out all day doing landscaping or other manly things, it's probably better to change into something with less of you permeating it. Either that, or sit way over yonder and not in front of me.

Fourth--YOU! Yes, you with the digital video camera! Don't set up a tripod in front of you in the cross aisle. You are blocking the view of people behind you, and proving that you were too cheap to buy something that would zoom the extra 20 feet you are from the back of the auditorium. Where you SHOULD set up.

Fifth--if you have a head with the size, shape, and variations in tone and striations as an uncooked Virginia ham, please don't sit in front of me.

Sixth--WOMEN OF AMERICA!! Do NOT wear capri, pedal-pusher, or clam-digger style pants ANY! MORE! They are unflattering unless you're built like a young Audrey Hepburn, and more so if they are big and baggy in the butt, and especially if you have lower legs like a rhinoceros, and even MORE so when you're trying to wear them as if they are part of a business suit. You may think that women's suits have pants like this--with CARGO POCKETS, no less--but you would be wrong.

Seventh--wow, it's time to go to bed. See all of you sometime tomorrow!

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